Composite Construction

The structure has a core of high density insulation with reinforced concrete skins to create a strong, durable composite shell.

Every part of the building contributes to it’s strength and stability. Finite element analysis of the structure ensures that the design is highly efficient and economical.

The insulated core is erected, the services are installed and the reinforced concrete skins are then applied to form a highly efficient shell structure.


  • High performance - Highly insulated construction reduces heating and cooling loads to minimise cost.
  • Build to PassivHaus standard
  • Economical - Fast build using two main components - Low energy bills
  • Robust, durable and strong
  • Comfortable and airtight - No cold bridging or draughts
  • Efficient build process - Simple construction process
  • Local availability of materials - Reduces the need for transport and associated costs

The process